I have a passion for teaching elements of design thinking to engineering students. I have organised short and long workshops for various student and busienss groups in Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. I eagerly participante in summer schools and intensive programmes. Please contact me for more information and references.

I am happy to have been of the co-creators of Destine – a multidisciplinary design thinking summer school that received funding from the EU. Destine provided a unique creative environment for students from a variety of backgrounds to learn cross-disciplinary user-oriented creation of products and/or services.

When it comes to traditional unviersity teaching, I am easy to spot when performing various teaching tasks for the Tabletop Computing, Tangible Interaction and Prototyping. courses in our Interaction Design and Technologies Master Programme. However, most of my teaching activity is about supervising theses.

I now work with Bartosz Koczorowicz (currently at the Technical University of Denmark) investigating behavioral change systems for altering sleep patterns and Przemyslaw Kucharski who works with multi-device environments.

Recently, I supervised Benjamin Schmidt from the University of Stuttgart who worked on casual interactions with data using multiple mobile devices. I have had the pleasure of co-supervising Lars Lischke (currently a PhD student at the University of Stuttgart) on his Studiearbeit (multi-device interactions) and Diplomarbeit (interactions for museum settings). I was also part of several dissertations at the Technical University of Lodz.

I am always open for new dissertation proposals and I usually have at least and handful of topics ready. Please get in touch with me for further details. TUL students are welcome to contact me for in-cooperation projects.