I really enjoy teaching HCI and particularly the methods part of my field. In a classroom, you’ll usually find me being too picky about methods or explaining things on how to design systems for wellbeing.

Currently, I primarily teach in the MSc Media and Human-Centered Computing. I also supervise Master’s and Bachelor’s theses.

I have also completed many teachign assignments in the past. In Stuttgart, I taught Human-Computer Interaction and Multimoldal Interfaces for Ubiquitous Computing. In Sweden, I used to teach mainly Tabletop Computing, Tangible Interaction and Prototyping courses in the Interaction Design and Technologies Master Programme.

However, most of my teaching activity is about supervising theses. I supervised multiple students in Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany who produced excellent theses, which often resulted in academic papers. For examples, please take a look at thesis results by Lars Lischke, Bartosz Koczorowicz or a group project from Stuttgart.

I have a passion for teaching elements of design thinking to engineering students. I have organised short and long workshops for various student and busienss groups in Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. I eagerly participante in summer schools and intensive programmes, where I usually offer an introduction to user experience to students from mixed backgrounds. Please contact me for more information and references.

Recently, I am active in oragnising the (irregularly organised) Łódź Summer School on HCI. I am happy to have been of the co-creators of Destine; a multidisciplinary design thinking summer school that received funding from the EU. Destine provided a unique creative environment for students from a variety of backgrounds to learn cross-disciplinary user-oriented creation of products and/or services.

I am always open for new dissertation proposals and I usually have at least and handful of topics ready. Please get in touch with me for further details. TUL students are welcome to contact me for in-cooperation projects.