Publishing your work is an important part of the job. Most people say I should have a publication list here.

My Google citation profile is probably the best place to go for that information. I try to keep it up to date at all times.


I find it particularly interesting to understand and systematise some concepts in HCI by building scales. Such instruments, with all their inherent limitations often help us get a grasp on what otherwise would be ephemeral. Below, you’ll find info on scales which I helped design and how they could be used. I would be honoured if you find these scales useful in your research.

Creepy technology

I am on a quest to understand what it is about interactive systems that makes us feel uneasy about them. While this a quixotic task, we do try to have scraps of understanding. To this end, we developed the Perceived Creepiness of Technology Scale (PCTS).

Similarly, we later explored the reasons for which people may be unwilling to use Mixed Reality systems. This resulted in the MRC Questionnaire.


Reflection is a key concept in a lot of my work on technology for wellbeing. To measure how technology can support reflection, we first developed the TSRI. We later built and validated a more robust scale for the purpose, the Reflection, Rumination and Thought in Technology Scale.