This little page contains links to places that I really like.

I currently work as Professor at Head of Research Area at the HCI Group, Faculty of Informatics, TU Wien. Yes, the English name of TU Wien is TU Wien.

Previously, I worked Chalmers, Computer Science and EngineeringInteraction Design and Software Engineering. I spent a significant part of my professional life sitting inside Kuggen.

I used to work at Utrecht Univeristy. which is a really exciting place for all things computing and some serious computer science. Thanks to my great colleagues in Utrecht, I still have a courtesy appoitment there. I also have an official UU profile page.

Previosuly, I worked at the MCI group at VIS, University of Stuttgart. Chalmers is where I did my PhD. It’s a really nice place to be even if it gets a bit dark in the winter. I worked with Morten Fjeld at the t2i lab, which was then part of the Interaction Design Division in a department that is no longer part of Chalmers. I taught in the Interaction Design Programme back in 2012!

A while ago, I started the Ubicomp@TUL project in Poland where I was affiliated with the Institute of Applied Computer Science.